Our grand reopening of the Bonney Memorial Library was held on Saturday, December 2nd, at 10:00 am.


Picture taken before our event.





Preparing for the ribbon cutting. 

More pictures to follow of our beautiful addition inside.

It's been very busy during the month of November getting ready for our grand reopening. So sorry I didn't share any pictures. As time allows I'll post more. Very exciting time for our library and community.


More news & pictures...

A few construction pictures to satisfy your curiosity - inside views of ADA bathroom downstairs, new downstairs windows, downstairs walls with metal strapping, upstairs office area framing, outside entrance walls. I say this often, but It's So Very Exciting! More to come!


                                                    Downstairs bathroom framing                               New downstairs windows


                         Downstairs walls with metal framing                                                                     Upstairs office framing

Plywood on new entrance


Latest news

Looks what's been going on since last time I posted.The metal framing continues to be installed, plywood is on our walls, windows are in, plywood is up, front entrance framing is taking shape and our new circulation/office framing is up. Just so exciting!!! Full speed ahead! Weather permitting roofers should be here this week.



                                           Back area framing                                                      Front area with plywood



                           New entrance framing                                                        New three front windows


                           End window                                                                                      Back upper windows


              Back of addition with plywood & door opening                                     Metal framing for circulation/office area

September - looks what's happening

It's been hopping around the library! Metal framing for the walls is going up. We have "walls". Our new windows were delivered.  Just so excited!!!


Wall framing!!! Front & side views


                                                        Wall framing - Back view                            New windows being delivered

More new windows!


Here's more pictures

Amazing how much can be accomplished in a few days - our addition construction is "growing" in leaps and bounds - lower level cement floor and new entrance floor has been poured, roof joists are up and plywood nailed down, wall framing should be happening soon.


                                          Lower level cement floor                                                        Roof joists


                                                                             Roof joists from different angles



Guess what! more pictures

Here are the pictures I promised showing top beams being placed plus a few more of our roof joists and more. Stay tuned for what's next as our addition "growth" continues.


The beams are up - don't they look nice!!!


Look at all that wood! roof joists, wall framing.... WOW!


Even more pictures

Each day shows more construction activity at our library. Check out the latest pictures of our floor joists and more steel beams being installed. Today three top beams were placed so watch for those pictures plus many more. I was just told the roof will be going on tomorrow, August 25th. Amazing!


More views of our floor joists.


Steel beams for main floor being placed.


Plywood going on our floor joists.


More pictures

WOW!!! more construction news. Our steel beams arrived this morning. They're even brick red in color, matches our building! Floor joists are going in. So amazing at how quickly our addition construction is moving. Enjoy the pictures! More to come in the near future.



                                   Crane moving the steel beams and seating them in place. Amazing!


Board going down to get ready for the floor joists.



 Many views of our floor joists. WOW!


Pictures and news to start the new week

It's been a very exciting Monday morning in the construction department! Fill has been placed around our entrance foundation, more crush rock being spread inside the main foundation, and lumber was delivered. So interesting to watch the lumber swinging in the air before being placed carefully on the ground. Steel beams are arriving tomorrow, that should be something to see.


                       New entrance foundation.                                        Filling in and around new entrance foundation


 Filled in and around the new entrance foundation.                         Lumber has arrived.


                              Unloaded lumber.                           More lumber being moved from the delivery truck.


More pictures 

In my earlier posting I promised more pictures of our new entrance foundation - here they are. 


                                                                    Filling new entrance foundation with cement.

 New entrance foundation drying.


More news & pictures

Latest construction news - plumbing pipes, drainage pipes are installed, crushed rock has been laid for foundation floor, insulation boards placed on outside of foundation, footing for our new entrance plus so much more. More pictures to come. Just so exciting!!!


                                                                         Inside foundation area


                       Filling in around foundation                                                    Back retaining wall area filled


                  New Entrance area                                                                   New Entrance footing

Update - Entrance foundation is done, but need to get pictures ready to post.  Coming soon.


More August news & pictures

The end of last week was very busy. Our foundation forms for the addition were put up, the cement arrived and the forms were filled, then the forms came off. We have a new Foundation!!! Check out the pictures. Can you tell I'm having fun documenting our exciting "adventure."



Foundation forms being put up

Cement has arrived. What an interesting system to deliver the cement to our forms.





Our foundation from different views. Stop by, it's more interesting in person.


August 2017 - news & pictures

Foundation forms are going in, shortly the concrete will be arriving. Check out the pictures of our foundation taking shape. Exciting to watch. Learning so much about how an addition is built!












More pictures


                                Forms for footing are in                                                                        Cement has arrived


Pouring cement into footing forms.

Inserting rebars into footings. -  Watch for our progress, more pictures and news to come!

More July news

Lots of activity at the library for our new addition. Foundation hole has been dug and part of the retaining wall was removed. While digging the hole old bottles and a small sewing machine were discovered - a part of history. Fencing is up to protect our patrons and keep everyone safe. Concrete workers cut through the downstairs foundation (14" thick wall) for future doorway into our new downstairs area. Forms are being placed in preparation for our foundation. Busy, busy place and so exciting! Stop by to see our progress. More pictures to come.



                                                              Digging for our foundation, three different views.



Cutting into foundation, opening for future entrance to new lower level.


Opening made, what a load noise when that concrete piece landed on the ground.           Closeup of entryway before being closed up temporarily while they work on the foundation, etc.


Rebars for the foundation.

July 2017 - more news

The construction of our new addition has begun. We held our groundbreaking ceremony on July 13 with speakers Allaire Palmer, President of the Library board, Jack Bash, Chairperson of the Executive Committee, Jessica Larson, Cornish Planning Board, and Senator David Woodsome and many community members. Following the groundbreaking, attendees enjoyed a tour of the library to see the new elevator, ADA bathroom andother renovations to the existing building; refreshments and meet our librarian.

Watch for more news and pictures in the coming weeks! Stop by for a visit and to check out the progress.  So Exciting!!!


                                   Gold shovels                                         President of Board Allaire Palmer and Senator David Woodsome "breaking ground"


Group picture:  Allaire Palmer - Library Board, Senator David Woodsome, Jessica Larson - Cornish Planning Board,

Scott Cecil - Library Board, Cheryl Hevey - Library Director, Jack Bash Library Board

Attendees at Groundbreaking Ceremony

                                   Digging has begun                                               Dirt removal in preparation for addition foundation


July 2017 - exciting news

Bonney Memorial Library's next phase begins July 13 , with the digging of the foundation for our new addition. To celebrate this event, please join us at: Bonney Memorial Library's addition groundbreaking ceremony - Thursday, July 13, 6:30 pm. Reception to follow with refreshments. Exciting! Hope you can join us and celebrate.


June 2017 - latest news

The library has been a very busy place with our renovation phase nearing completion. The ADA compliant elevator is in (waiting for state inspection). Our new ADA bathroom has new flooring, painted walls, toilet and sink are installed and most of the bathroom fixtures are in. The floors in the upstairs lobby of the elevator have been refinished. Downstairs new suspended ceilings and lights  have been installed in the middle room and elevator lobby. The walls in the lobbies, bathroom and middle room downstairs have been newly painted. The flooring for the downstairs lobby and middle room is being installed today. More light fixtures will be going in shortly. Very exciting!   Do stop by to see the progress.

Next - our Addition phase follows. Watch for details.


May 2017 - more news

GoFundMe - Bonney Memorial Library Expansion

"We're on the last chapter of our library renovation/expansion story - please help us close the book and open the doors of our new library!" Show your support by going to our GoFundMe link and donate.  Thank you!


April 2017 - more Renovation/Expansion news

Our renovation/expansion began on March 27th, a very busy place. An old chimney has been removed - flooring removed on main floor to make room for the elevator shaft  - framing for elevator in the works - pit dug in our "old furnace room" for elevator - cement has been poured for the elevator slab - more framing for the elevator shaft -  electrician and plumbing work coming soon.  Exciting times!


Removing flooring, chimney - lumber arrived for framing, etc. - closing off area on roof where chimney was located


Chimney removed                        Elevator framing


March 2017 - latest Renovation/Expansion news

On Monday, March 27 (changed from March 6 due to elevator delivery delay)Great Fall Construction begins the renovation phase of the current library building with the addition to follow. Our computers, photocopier, fax machine and circulation desk have been temporarily relocated to the adult reading area of the library. Stop by to see the set-up. We are working with Great Falls Construction to keep the library as accessible as possible, including internet access and WiFi during our renovation/addition project. The library will be noisy at times. Please be understanding. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Don't forget to check out upcoming library fundraising events - proceeds to benefit the library expansion.

Exciting Times! Visit us to see the progress.

February 2017 - latest Renovation/Expansion news

Great Falls Construction begins work on the renovation (phase one) of the current library building on Monday March 6, 2017.  An ADA accessible bathroom and elevator are to be put in the east front corner (upper level) and renovation of the "furnace" and young adult rooms of the existing library. Very exciting!!!

To prepare for the renovation phase, computers, photocopier, fax machine and the circulation desk are being relocated temporarily to adult reading area of the library. Computers and printers will be placed on tables in front of our fireplace and the circulation desk will be located under the heat pump near the entryway to downstairs. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but please remember these locations are temporary until our addition is built (phase two).

When visiting the library, don't forget to check the schedule board to know what is happening on a weekly basis.

2017 - an exciting year for the library!

Check out upcoming library fundraising events  - proceeds to benefit the library expansion.


December 2016 - Renovation/Expansion update

Our journey is moving forward, with the light shining toward beginning our library renovation/expansion project.

The library building committee recently met with Karen James of Great Falls Construction and architect to work out the expansion details and to develop a time table for the construction.

Phase one - renovation of the current building - an ADA accessible bathroom and elevator are to be put in the east front corner (upper level) and renovation of "furnace" and young adult rooms of the existing library. Plans are to begin work on Phase one in February 2017.

Phase two - the expansion - is scheduled to start late March or early April. With monies raised both upper and lower levels of the expansion will be completed, at a smaller footprint. Windows will be a similar style to the current building and the finish will be brick (if funding permits). Our renovation/expansion project should be completed late summer/ fall 2017, if there are no setbacks.

A 20 panel solar array has been contracted to be installed in early spring 2017 off-site. The electricity generated will be sent to the grid and credited to the library.

When visiting the library, don't forget to check the schedule board to know what is happening on a weekly basis.

2017 - an exciting year for the library!

Check out upcoming library fundraising events  - proceeds to benefit the library expansion.


September 2016  - Expansion update

It's been a long journey so far, but things are starting to come together.

All the lights in the library have been upgraded to LED's. Cellular window shades and heat pumps were installed, reducing the heating and cooling needs. LEDs and heat pumps will be installed in the addition too. The library stopped burning oil for heat. The furnace and oil tank will be removed this month!

The original expansion design involved a large curved glass wall in the front. This design is too costly now and wouldn't work in Cornish Historic District. The library addition will be to the east of the existing library, with a full upper and lower levels. Final design is not yet complete, but the addition will have a brick front similar to the existing library with windows and a new wheel-chair accessible front door. The existing ramp will be removed and the original window restored where the ramp door is now. With monies raised the upper level will be completed and lower lever finished when more money is raised.

Planning for solar panels is still under development. Solar panels on the roof would be difficult i the historic district and because of the roof mounting angel, and winter shading from the church, the library is leaning toward an off-site solar farm. Watch for updates.

Demolition and construction is scheduled for late winter. The first work will be to put in an ADA accessible bathroom and elevator in the east front corner (upper level) of the existing library. Then in the spring 2017 after the ground has thawed, excavation and construction for the addition will start.

The library is working hard with Great Falls Construction, our construction manager to cause the least disruption to library operations and internet access. A schedule board will be inside the library to let everyone know what is happening on a weekly basis.

Exciting times!


Earlier news from June 2015 on noted below.


Grants to Green Assessment Award:    The Bonney Memorial Library has received a grant from Grants to Green Maine, a partnership between the Maine Development Foundations' Maine Downtown Center, Efficiency Maine and the Maine Community Foundation, to fund an energy audit. This audit will provide the basis to submit a proposal to Grants to Green to fund energy issues with the current library building as well as the addition. The proposal will possibly include:  a new furnace; heat pump/air conditioner; new efficient lighting; a solar photovoltaic array on the library roof to provide the library with electricity to operate the heat pump/air conditioner as well as the lighting. We would like to have a window panel for the furnace room that will include posters explaining the heat pump and solar operation, and to have a monitor showing the real time readings from the solar panels. These displays would be used as learning tools and the backdrop for lectures and conferences.


Latest News: June 2015 Bonney Memorial Library Receives Grant to Lower Energy Costs 

The Bonney Memorial Library recently received a $23,992.00 grant from Grants to Green Maine, a partnership between the Maine Development Foundation’s Maine Downtown Center, Efficiency Maine and the Maine Community Foundation to provide energy improvements that will help reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency. 

This grant will enable Bonney Memorial Library to implement lighting upgrades, window upgrades and to install a solar electric system and heat pumps, said Jack Bash, Cornish Library Association Treasurer.The implementation of these upgrades will contribute to energy efficiency and overall sustainability of the environment. 

The Cornish Library Association existing building was built in 1929 with a generous donation from Dr. Sherman Bonney and his wife as a tribute to his parents who had been members of the Cornish Library Association.These improvements will allow the library to continue to be a focal point of community life, creativity and learning.  For more information, call 207-625-8083. 

Grants to Green Maine provides environmentally focused knowledge and funding to strengthen nonprofits located in historic buildings in downtowns in Maine.  Grants to Green Maine is a partnership between the Maine Development Foundation’s Maine Downtown Center, Efficiency Maine and the Maine Community Foundation and is funded by Kendeda Fund of The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. 


                                                                      Updated News: July 2015

Two upgrades to our library through the Grants to Green Maine grant have been completed.

First, cellular shades were installed. These shades offer light filtration with small honeycomb-shaped pockets designed to keep air from either entering or escaping and their thick cellular fabrics provide an insulating layer to help keep our rooms at an ideal temperature.

Second, all lighting in the library has been upgraded to LED energy efficient lights.

Stop by to see our new shades and lights. They look great and make quite a difference. More energy efficient projects to come.



                                                                     Updated News: October 2015, latest update December 2015

The garage located next to the library (part of the area for our expansion) is coming down.  Check out the pictures below.

First board removed                                   Taking the garage down started in earnest October 15, 2015. 



           Roof shingles removed.                           Roof off.  Almost gone, sides are next!



   Garage is Down! as of 9:30 am on December 22nd    Area for our future expansion.


Lumber (3 loads) removed on December 28th.



                                                                   Updated News: December 2015

Heat Pumps!  Another energy efficient project through the Grants to Green Maine grant in the works. Check out the pictures below.

Heat pumps on the back of the library.                                        Closeup of heat pump.



           Inner Unit being installed upstairs                                           Installation completed in Adult Room



      Inner Unit being installed downstairs                               Installation completed in Children's Room



Exciting Times for our Library!!!


 Maine Humanities Council Infrastructure Grant:

The Cornish Library Association is very pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant of $8000 by the Maine Humanities Council. This grant is for capital improvements, in particular to help create a new meeting, program room with full handicapped accessibility, and a door to close thus allowing use during regular library hours as well as off hours. The Maine Humanities Council grant pushes the library one step closer to completing the library's expansion.



Bonney Memorial Library Expansion Project   "Join Our Plans to Expand"

Our Library's Beginning:

Brief History of the Bonney Memorial Library (view PDF Presentation below)

PDF Presentation


After 84 years of service to the townspeople of Cornish and nearby communities, a new era for the Bonney Memorial Library is beginning. We are planning to expand. Scott Simons Architects of Portland were engaged to design a two-level addition, doubling our space, and their excellent plans are now complete.

The designs provide for more convenient and efficient rooms, handicap accessibility, and expanded parking. They create more comfortable places for reading, for meetings, and for work at computers. We will have up-to-date materials, technology improvements, and new, motivating programs for people of all ages—children, young adults, adults, and families.

Detailed sketches and drawings of the architects' plans are pictured below.

These are exciting times for our library. We invite you to participate in this adventure.

FMI  Fundraising Events and  Library Expansion Capital Campaign.