Bonney Memorial Library Capital Campaign  "Join Our Plans to Expand"

In 1927, Dr. Sherman Bonney and his wife visited the town in which his parents had lived and where he was born. In existence for 60 years, the Cornish Library Association had run out of space above a village store. Dr. Bonney, as a tribute to his parents who had been members of the Association, offered to construct a new building "pleasing in external appearance and equipped with every modern convenience." On June 27, 1929, the Bonney Memorial Library opened for an enthusiastic public. Now, 85 years later, the Library has again run out of space. While donors have made possible the purchase of needed land and the creation of plans for an addition, construction funds are being sought.

Our vision is to continue fulfilling Dr. Bonney's goal to let the Library's doors "be open to all who care to read and learn." Our mission is to complete a renovation and expansion which will allow the Library to become a focal point of community life, creativity, and learning - enriching lives and providing quality materials and services.

"The expanded library will foster 21st century skills including life-long learning, collaboration, and information literacy. As the library begins its Capital Campaign, please join us in supporting this endeavor."   Sharon Beever and Dr. Mark Beever

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Every Inch Counts (ongoing fundraiser within the library)

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Every Inch Counts

1 yard of Quarters = $9.00 / 1760 yards = 1 Mile therefore 1 Mile of Quarters = $15,840. WOW!

Wondering where a mile of quarters would end if started at the library?  Rite-Aid Pharmacy, 151 Maple Street, Cornish

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Executive Committee:

Jack Bash (Chairperson), Thomas Carper, Kenneth Hall, Cheryl B. Hevey, Sandra Howe, Allaire Palmer

Capital Campaign Committee:

Sharon Beever, William Call, Scott Cecil, Teresa Drown, Joyce Folgert, Deborah Hughes, Carolyn Jacobs, Krista Lair, Dorothy Maxwell, Diann Perkins, Jean Pendexter, Scott Rowley, Richard Ruhlin